Fast Glass Repairs

Whether a golf ball flies through your window or the kids shatter the shower door, there’s no knowing when you’re going to need a glass repair.

At Glass Works Australia, we treat your home like our own. That’s why when you need glass repair, we offer emergency attention. If you have broken glass that is a threat to your safety or security, we can send one of our certified repairmen to help you out the very same day.

You don’t want to leave your family exposed to broken glass, especially if you have kids or pets. When our experts repair your glass, they’ll make sure that the entire area is clear of glass and safe enough for your whole family.

Glass Works Australia Fast Glass Repairs

Although it may be tempting to tape over a problem and forget about it, if your window is broken, you don’t want to let this issue go uncorrected. A broken window could let in cunning pests, or worse, burglars. With our fast glass repair, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your family for long.

If you have shower screens, curved glass, or another kind of speciality glass, you might think your case requires special care. We agree. At Glass Works Australia, we offer expertise in most specialized fields of glass repair. We can even handle leadlight repairs and kitchen splashbacks. If you’ve had luxury glasswork installed, don’t ruin your investment now with a poor quality repair.

Broken glass in your home could be a threat to your kids, furry or human, but in your shop or office, it could actually be an insurance liability. Broken glass in the work place could harm one of your employees or customers, potentially costing you thousands in legal fees. Not to mention how unprofessional broken windows look. Luckily, Glass Works Australia, also specializes in commercial glass repairs of all kinds.

With our decades of experience in commercial glass repairs, you can be sure that we are getting the best deals from our suppliers and have the experience to get your repair completed on budget and on time. As a family run business, we know time is money, so you’ll never hear empty excuses about why your project isn’t finished on time.

In an emergency, you might just go with the first glass repair service you find, but not all glass repair services are experts. When working with us, quality will never be an issue, despite our speed. Our repairmen are expertly trained and we only work with the best glass suppliers. Don’t believe us? All of our workmanship and products come with a warranty.

An improperly done repair could not only ruin the aesthetic appeal of your glass, but actually end up costing you more money when the repair inevitably fails. When you’re in need of fast glass repairs, don’t rush and accidentally choose a repair service that isn’t willing to offer you a warranty. Come to Glass Works Australia for all your glass repairs and glass installation needs – we can guarantee our work will stand the test of time.

For all your glass work including repairs, shower screens, windows, splash back and aluminium doors contact Glassworks.


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