Glass Installation Sydney

 If you’ve got a new home improvement project or an office renovation project that requires the installation of custom glass in Sydney, you need to make sure that you partner with the right glass company.

Glass is delicate and fragile – and improper glass installation can result in breakage, scratches, or even premature failure of the entire glass pane, in some cases. If you need glass installation in Sydney, Glassworks Australia is the best choice.

Why? Because we can take on the challenges of glass installation – such as the following!

  1. Proper Transportation And Storage

The first step of successful glass installation in Sydney is transporting, storing, and preparing your glass for placement. Whether you’re investing in a transparent-walled conference room, a custom bathroom mirror, or even a glass shower enclosure, it’s critical that your glass is protected properly by your installation company.

At Glassworks Australia, we’re experts at transporting and storing delicate glass pieces. We use techniques and products to prevent damage to your glass, and ensure that it’s free of scratches, dents, and imperfections when it’s installed.

Glassworks Australia Glass Installation Sydney Transportation

  1. Fitting And Trimming

In some cases, glass installation in Sydney will require a piece of glass to be trimmed, fitted, or otherwise adjusted before the project is completed. If this is the case, you must turn to a reliable glazier or glass working company with experience trimming extremely delicate glass materials.

Failure to do so can result in damage to your glass piece – which can be extremely costly, and set your project back by days. The expert technicians at Glassworks Australia can handle almost all trimming issues – and if we can’t, we have a network of experienced glaziers who can help you resolve even the most difficult problems.

Glassworks Australia Glass Installation Sydney Fittings

  1. Installation And Finishing

Installation of your glass is the final piece of the puzzle – but it’s also the most risky part of the entire process. During the installation process, glass is at its most vulnerable. It will be exposed to scratches, dents, and damage from power tools and other sources – so if you choose the wrong company for glass installation in Sydney, you may end up with permanent damage.

At Glassworks Australia, we’re familiar with all modern glass installation best practices. We take extra pains to make sure that we provide you with flawless service, and keep your glass in mint condition.

Glassworks Australia Glass Installation Sydney

Choose Glassworks For Expert Glass Installation Sydney!

Whether you’re repairing a window, replacing a mirror, or even building an entire glass wall, Glassworks Australia is the best choice for your glass installation needs. Roy Hijazi, our founder, has been operating as a glazier for more than 42 years. With his depth of experience and our team of expert glass technicians, we’re the best choice in all of Sydney.

Contact us now to learn more about glass installation in Sydney, and schedule a consultation with our team of expert glaziers today.

For all your glass work including repairs, shower screens, windows, splash back and aluminium doors contact Glassworks.


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