Leadlights Repair

You might not know what leadlights are, but you’ve certainly admired them before. Often a major selling point in houses, leadlights are similar to stained glass. The only difference between the two is that leadlights tend to have more simplified designs, featuring geometric shapes and patterns made from coloured glass and set in lead.

A popular design element in the late 19th century, leadlights are a perfect way to add old school charm to your home. Although leadlights add a unique element, their simple patterns can match with most architectural styles from traditional to mid-century. Even the ancient Romans produced decorative leadlight pieces.

Because of the antique character associated with leadlights, they can really add value to your home. Original pieces can even be removed and sold for high prices at auction or be featured as a major selling point of your home, should you decide to sell.

Glass Works Australia Leadlights Repair Services

If you have leadlights in your home, you have to acknowledge that they’re a work of art, which means they need specialised care. Unfortunately, sports balls, tree branches, and unruly kids don’t consider how much your glass is worth before they shatter it.

Should your leadlights need repair, you probably won’t be able to just go pick up the parts you need at the hardware store, in fact you might have to call a specialist. Leadlights are an old world art form, so not every glass repair service is going to have the skill set to properly repair your leadlight piece. An improperly done repair could turn a former selling point of your home into an eyesore.

Choosing a glass repair service that doesn’t specialise is leadlight repair could be a huge mistake. For one, they probably don’t have relationships with leadlight suppliers, so glass or other parts you need for your repair will be more expensive and take longer to get to you. Between inclement weather and pests, you don’t want to be waiting around to get your window fixed.

Glass Works Australia Leadlights Repair Services

Glass Works Australia specialises not only in leadlight pieces, but also in emergency leadlight repairs, so you won’t have to tape cardboard over your window and hope for the best. With over 40 years of experience in the glass industry, our leadlight repairs match the original detail and quality of your leadlight piece. We at Glass Works Australia also design and install leadlights, so you can be sure that our team of experts is bringing their artistic know-how to your repair. Not convinced? All of our workmanship is warrantied.

Leadlight production is an art form, so you need someone who can match that level of attention and detail in their repair. A careless repair could result in your leadlight piece losing hundreds of dollars of value. Antique and vintage design elements actually tend to increase in value over time, if they are well maintained, so it’s clearly worth your while to keep your leadlight pieces in good condition and properly repaired.

Looking for a way to add unique value to your home? Consider designing a custom leadlight piece with the experts at Glass Works Australia.

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